Star Trek Best Trek


Hi! This is my Star Trek fan site.

A few years ago, a friend was considering getting into Star Trek: The Next Generation and I advised him to avoid the many bad episodes in the first couple seasons. I wrote down which ones I recommended he watch versus skip, along with notes on the important info from the skipped episodes… and over time that grew into the site that exists today.

The primary audience is still intended to be people looking to get into Trek, but the focus has grown to include all series and films (plus a few related franchises) and I’d like to eventually review every single installment.

My reviews use a five-star rating scale explained here.

The site is built with Hugo and is fully static - just HTML, CSS, and images. The words are all written by me, but I have gotten a few resources from elsewhere:

  • The logo is commissioned work by Heldovek.
  • Most episode and film screencaps are from TrekCore.

There’s also an RSS feed.

I hope you enjoy!