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Star Trek Nemesis

In case you skip it...

Why are there notes for the last film in a sub-franchise? Because a few significant events here end up mattering a lot in Picard.

In this film, Riker and Troi finally get married. Data sings Irving Berlin’s “Blue Skies” at their wedding.

Data singing.

Later, the Enterprise crew find a prototype Soong-type android known as B-4. It is a predecessor to both Data and Lore with only the intelligence of a young child. Data copies his memories into B-4 in an attempt to help him exceed his limitations - with little apparent effect.

Geordi and Data work on B-4.

In the film’s climax, Data sacrifices himself to save Captain Picard. However, the recent copying of his memories into B-4 suggests that he may not be fully lost, with B-4 singing “Blue Skies” to himself at the end of the movie.