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In case you skip it...

This episode isn’t boring, but it is mostly filler. It does very little to reveal character in ways we haven’t seen, develop relationships, introduce new ideas, or advance the season arc’s plot. Go ahead and watch it if you like the idea of seeing Burnham and Booker getting up to shenanigans in a gambling den. Otherwise, here are the bullet points of what happens here that matters later.

  • Culber blames himself for Booker’s betrayal, since it means he didn’t do a good enough job helping him deal with his grief.
  • Burnham sneaks a tracker into Booker’s ship and now knows where he’s camping out while Tarka assembles his weapon.
  • “Unknown Species 10-C” is apparently in a “hyperfield”-shielded region the size of a small star system just outside the galaxy. Based on the materials missing from DMA’d areas, the DMA seems to be some king of mining dredge collecting resources for a power source, so presumably their actual weapons are even more powerful.