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Empok Nor

In case you skip it...

This episode sees O’Brien, Nog, Garak, two engineers, and two security officers salvaging equipment from Empok Nor, an abandoned Cardassian station of the same design as DS9. Unfortunately, for some reason there are two Cardassians in stasis who wake up when the crew arrive and who are loaded up with psychotropic drugs that make them aggressively hostile to non-Cardassians. They manage to kill the two engineers and one of the security officers before Garak kills them, but Garak becomes affected by the drug as well. He kills the second security officer and takes Nog hostage to bait O’Brien into a confrontation.

Garak takes Nog hostage.

Thankfully, O’Brien manages to knock Garak out with an improvised explosive. The three return to DS9, where Bashir is able to counteract the drug and return Garak to normal.