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In case you skip it...

This episode’s A-story is some dumb stuff about Dax that makes no sense, but the B-story is actually enjoyable. Nog studies for some tests he has to pass to be allowed to apply to Starfleet Academy. Quark is not pleased by what he sees as a betrayal of Ferengi values but Rom is so proud and supportive of his son that he commissions an unofficial cadet’s uniform from Garak.

Nog fails one of the tests, but Rom discovers that it was due to Quark tampering with the holosuite where it took place. Rom tells Quark that nothing, including latinum, is more important to him than his son’s happiness, and if Quark interferes again Rom will burn Quark’s bar to the ground.

Nog is allowed to retake the test and passes, earning the opportunity to apply to the Academy. He celebrates by ordering a human drink - root beer - much to Quark’s chagrin.

Nog ordering a root bear while wearing his custom cadet uniform.