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His Way

In case you skip it...

This episode introduces a new “Las Vegas” holoprogram created for Bashir by his friend Felix (who had previously created the “Julian Bashir, Secret Agent” program). Set in 1962, the program’s main appeal is a lounge run by singer Vic Fontaine.

Photo of Vic Fontaine

Vic is an unusually sophisticated hologram. He’s aware that he is a hologram living in a holographic world (though he indicates that his life is real to him) and that the DS9 crew are not. He’s also highly charming, perceptive, insightful, and helpful, and as a result his visitors tend to come to think of him as a genuine friend rather than just a computer program. However, the question of whether he’s actually sentient is never raised.

In this episode, he befriends Odo and gives him advice on wooing Kira. By the end of the episode, the two have become a couple.

Odo and Kira embrace