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In case you skip it...

Presumably to lure in The Next Generation fans, this episode features Q and Vash as a follow-up to the TNG episode “Qpid” in which they both appeared.

You know. These dummies:

Photo of Q and Vash

As appealing as it might be to see these characters again, the result is unfortunately weak. Q and Vash both work best as foils to Picard and in his absence they are far less interesting. Without a philosophical issue to butt heads over, Q is just obnoxious and petty. Vash apparently no longer wants to associate with him, but their falling out is never explained. Ultimately, their story is better without this installment.

But there is one legitimately good moment between Sisko and Q. It’s a solid character-establishing scene emphasizing that Sisko is not Picard and Deep Space Nine is not The Next Generation.

Here it is, so you don’t have to watch the rest of the episode.