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In case you skip it...

In this episode, the crew meet some Vulcan outcasts who don’t believe in suppressing their emotions. One of them, Tolaris, makes an impression on T’Pol and convinces her to try a few things, such as not meditating before sleep and seeing how it affects her dreams. She does so and is intrigued by the results.

Tolaris then persuades her to try a “mind meld” which is an apparently rare Vulcan practice that allows two people to share a temporary but intense telepathic link, essentially joining their minds together and sharing their thoughts and consciousness. T’Pol is willing at first, but after Tolaris pushes her to focus on the emotional aspects of one of her memories, she wants to shop - but he maintains the meld against her will until she physically pushes him away.

Tolaris mind-melds with T'Pol against her will

It’s an obvious and somewhat clumsy metaphor for sexual assault, and it’s this sort of storytelling which makes this episode not particularly worth watching. But the fact that T’Pol has been melded against her will come up again later and it’s good to know how it happened.