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In case you skip it...

Two things happen in this episode that matter.

First, Enterprise finds a convergence of a large number of spatial anomalies. Inside the anomalies is a one-person transport pod sending a weak transmission. Upon retrieving the pod, they find it contains a humanoid of unknown species who is slowly disintegrating. Archer speculates that the alien was a test subject left deliberately in the anomalies and monitored to observe the effects.

The alien eventually dies, but not before revealing that his people are involved in the Xindi’s attack on Earth and claiming that once the Xindi wipe out humanity, his people will win.

Phlox and Archer with the alien in sickbay

Second, T’Pol sleeps with Trip.

T'Pol disrobes in Trip's quarters

The next day, she claims not to have feelings for him and that it was merely an exploration of human sexuality. Right.