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All the World is Birthday Cake

In case you skip it...

This episode has a frustratingly incoherent main story that doesn’t manage to say much of anything, but it incidentally introduces the Orville’s permanent replacement chief of security: Lieutenant Talla Keyali.

Lieutenant Talla Keyali

Like her predecessor Alara Kitan, Talla is Xelayan - apparently Ed begged the admirals for another Xelayan officer. But where Alara struggled with insecurity and impostor syndrome, Talla seems to be bold and confident. She’s introduced with a story about punching her previous (male) captain in the face to secure required assistance from a ship belonging to an aggressively matriarchal society.

The crew misses Alara but quickly welcomes Talla, especially when she figures out a key piece of information that leads to the nonsensical solution to the episode’s main story.