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Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

In case you skip it...

This episode continues the tradition established in Voyager and carried forward in Enterprise of showing that Federation temporal agents are completely incapable of doing their own jobs.

La’an gets recruited to clean up a temporal agent’s mess and prevent a catastrophic change to the 21st century. She ends up having to work with an alternate Jim Kirk whose own history will be undone if she restores the timeline. She falls for him in the process, partly because of how freeing she finds it to interact with someone who (because of the changes to the timeline) doesn’t know the significance of her last name.

La'an and an alternate Jim Kirk on 21st Century Earth

The pair also get some help (and a wristwatch) from past Pelia, who’d been living incognito on Earth in the 21st century.

After much hustle and bustle, some of which is quite traumatic for La’an, the timeline is restored. La’an is returned to her own present where Kirk doesn’t know her at all, with only Pelia’s wristwatch to remember the ordeal. After a visit from another temporal agent who swears her to secrecy, she calls Kirk (who is stationed on the Farragut) under the pretext of seeking biographical data for his brother Sam’s file. The call ends with an agreement that La’an will buy Kirk a drink the next time they are at a starbase, and then La’an cries alone in her quarters.