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Infinite Regress

In case you skip it...

In this episode, Seven starts to become friends with Naomi Wildman. Naomi begins following and observing Seven, hoping to learn from her efficiency and pursuit of perfection, with the goal of impressing Captain Janeway into making Naomi her Bridge Assistant. Seven starts to tell Naomi that she’s too young, but she’s interrupted by the episode’s plot. Seven is taken over by one of several latent personalities of others assimilated by the Borg - in this case, a young girl. While under the effect of this personality, Seven plays a board game with Naomi called kadis-kot.

Seven and Naomi play kadis-kot.

Seven’s true personality is nearly lost as more latent personalities emerge, but Voyager’s crew goes to heroic lengths to save her. Seven wishes to demonstrate gratitude to her adopted community, and apparently as part of this seeks out Naomi again. She gives Naomi several PADDs with information to study that will help her be a useful Captain’s Bridge Assistant and asks Naomi to teach her to play kadis-kot.

Seven and Naomi ride a turbolift, Naomi holding a stack of PADDs.