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Rules of Acquisition

In case you skip it...

This episode picks up the thread of Ferengi expanding their business interests into the Gamma Quadrant as established in “The Nagus”. Grand Nagus Zek tasks Quark with importing a huge amount of tulaberry wine from a Gamma Quadrant race called the Dosi; it is deliberately more than they can possibly supply.

Quark and Pel negotiate with two Dosi

Zek has heard that there’s a very important organization in the Gamma Quadrant called the Dominion and that doing business in the Gamma Quadrant requires doing business with them. Zek hopes to use negotiations with the Dosi to lead to important members of the Dominion, and it works - they refer Quark to a race called the Karemma.

The Karemma don’t actually appear in this episode, but this is the first mention of them and of the Dominion itself.