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Episodes - Star Trek: Lower Decks

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Second Contact icon LD 1x01: Second Contact Envoys icon LD 1x02: Envoys Temporal Edict icon LD 1x03: Temporal Edict Moist Vessel icon LD 1x04: Moist Vessel Cupid's Errant Arrow icon LD 1x05: Cupid's Errant Arrow Terminal Provocations icon LD 1x06: Terminal Provocations Much Ado About Boimler icon LD 1x07: Much Ado About Boimler Veritas icon LD 1x08: Veritas Crisis Point icon LD 1x09: Crisis Point No Small Parts icon LD 1x10: No Small Parts Strange Energies icon LD 2x01: Strange Energies Kayshon, His Eyes Open icon LD 2x02: Kayshon, His Eyes Open We'll Always Have Tom Paris icon LD 2x03: We'll Always Have Tom Paris Mugato, Gumato icon LD 2x04: Mugato, Gumato An Embarrassment Of Dooplers icon LD 2x05: An Embarrassment Of Dooplers The Spy Humongous icon LD 2x06: The Spy Humongous Where Pleasant Fountains Lie icon LD 2x07: Where Pleasant Fountains Lie I, Excretus icon LD 2x08: I, Excretus wej Duj icon LD 2x09: wej Duj First First Contact icon LD 2x10: First First Contact Grounded icon LD 3x01: Grounded The Least Dangerous Game icon LD 3x02: The Least Dangerous Game Mining The Mind's Mines icon LD 3x03: Mining The Mind's Mines Room for Growth icon LD 3x04: Room for Growth Reflections icon LD 3x05: Reflections