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Lost and Found (Part I) icon PRO 1x01: Lost and Found (Part I) Lost and Found (Part II) icon PRO 1x02: Lost and Found (Part II) Starstruck icon PRO 1x03: Starstruck Dream Catcher icon PRO 1x04: Dream Catcher Terror Firma icon PRO 1x05: Terror Firma Kobayashi icon PRO 1x06: Kobayashi First Con-tact icon PRO 1x07: First Con-tact Time Amok icon PRO 1x08: Time Amok A Moral Star, Part 1 icon PRO 1x09: A Moral Star, Part 1 A Moral Star, Part 2 icon PRO 1x10: A Moral Star, Part 2 Asylum icon PRO 1x11: Asylum Let Sleeping Borg Lie icon PRO 1x12: Let Sleeping Borg Lie All the World's a Stage icon PRO 1x13: All the World's a Stage Crossroads icon PRO 1x14: Crossroads Masquerade icon PRO 1x15: Masquerade Preludes icon PRO 1x16: Preludes Ghost in the Machine icon PRO 1x17: Ghost in the Machine Mindwalk icon PRO 1x18: Mindwalk Supernova, Part 1 icon PRO 1x19: Supernova, Part 1 Supernova, Part 2 icon PRO 1x20: Supernova, Part 2