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Broken Bow (Part I) icon ENT 1x01: Broken Bow (Part I) Broken Bow (Part II) icon ENT 1x02: Broken Bow (Part II) Fight or Flight icon ENT 1x03: Fight or Flight Strange New World icon ENT 1x04: Strange New World Unexpected icon ENT 1x05: Unexpected Terra Nova icon ENT 1x06: Terra Nova The Andorian Incident icon ENT 1x07: The Andorian Incident Breaking the Ice icon ENT 1x08: Breaking the Ice Civilization icon ENT 1x09: Civilization Fortunate Son icon ENT 1x10: Fortunate Son Cold Front icon ENT 1x11: Cold Front Silent Enemy icon ENT 1x12: Silent Enemy Dear Doctor icon ENT 1x13: Dear Doctor Sleeping Dogs icon ENT 1x14: Sleeping Dogs Shadows of P'Jem icon ENT 1x15: Shadows of P'Jem Shuttlepod One icon ENT 1x16: Shuttlepod One Fusion icon ENT 1x17: Fusion Rogue Planet icon ENT 1x18: Rogue Planet Acquisition icon ENT 1x19: Acquisition Oasis icon ENT 1x20: Oasis Detained icon ENT 1x21: Detained Vox Sola icon ENT 1x22: Vox Sola Fallen Hero icon ENT 1x23: Fallen Hero Desert Crossing icon ENT 1x24: Desert Crossing Two Days and Two Nights icon ENT 1x25: Two Days and Two Nights